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Saturday, May 14, 2011


we update frequently so be sure to check my page on facebook

Saturday, March 26, 2011

uberstrikecheats group and page

so this is the group link so join it

i made becoz u can play online with other players online n worldwide so join n like this page

Thursday, March 24, 2011

where r new cheats ?

where r the cheats ?as i told u that they r move from this website to this

so i hope that u can like it on facebook to recive more cheats on coming up n the newset version is realased

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


new updates will e on my facebook page so be sure to like it for more new updates

Thursday, January 27, 2011

secret room in temple of ravens

step 1 :first go to the top floor n u can see a bird shoot its eyes n it will light up

step 2 :go to the ground room n enter the room n ull find two birds hanging on the wall shoot their eyes n ull be underwater

step 3 :turn around n ull see sumthin black its the portal go inside n ull be in the secret room

note : practise before u try in a real game (try in training)

warehouse cheat

step1: go to the warehouse
step2:if ur enemy is on the top aim him and shoot and jump
step3:u can kill him with that cheat

be sure dont use rockets just machine guns

Thursday, December 30, 2010

introduction to sports city

Imagine combining a city building game genre with sports management game genre. Well imagine no more. Here’s a city building game genre with a twist of sports management. Sports City. Here are some tips about this new game genre.

Players of Sports City are given a chance to build a city around a sport of their choice. They must also construct buildings such as the mall to help give the needs and support their team. For example if a player has mall they can build sports merchandise for their team like hats, skates or other items. Once the player has a stadium they can begin playing games against other Facebook users who are playing the sport the user has picked. They can also recruit new players for their team when they construct a sports market. You can also decorate your city according to your own taste.

Your goal in this game is to take a sports stadium and build a city that you own around it. It will help you generate additional revenues for your sports team. The game has some feature structures such as the mall, bank, kiosk, ice cream truck, burger bar, sports bar casino and hotel. Every building that you construct will help you earn experience and money. For example if you construct a skates, you can collect the money from it and use it in constructing more buildings.

You can also lay Sports City with your other Facebook friends. remember that all the games in Sports City is done automatically. Each games use energy tickets. Each game requires a energy tickets which means you will have a limited chance to play a game per day. Energy tickets automatically rejuvenates over a period of time but if you have Sports City cheats that can hack energy you don’t need to worry on this gauge.

You can add nice statues to your game, but of course it will cost game cash and not coins. Game cash are real world money. There are also nice billboards including a scorecard one. The graphics of the game is good, its has fountains, trees, a park and a couple of other decorations. Over all Sports City is a nice game to play especially if you have cheats and it is really nice to play because it does not require a long time of logging in.